Podcasting 101 with Rob Oliver

Join us for a double dose of podcasting tips with Rob Oliver!

For the next two episodes, Rob Oliver joins us for the Happiest Hour. We wanted to have Rob as our first guest because frankly, without him Biz Bevs and Bites wouldn’t exist. We had so much to talk about that we split our conversation into two shows!

Rob is a speaker, author, and podcast host. At just 21 years old he sustained a paralyzing body surfing injury that forced him to evaluate his life, self-worth, and success. He is a three-time author and speaks internationally as a top-rated motivational speaker. He’s an incredible teacher – he spends his “free time” helping others (like the Biz Bevs & Bites Podcast) become podcast hosts, speakers, and writers.

I met Rob through a friend and colleague, Mj Callaway. Mj is a contributing author and was the Results Strategist for the book I curated, an Amazon bestseller, Twenty Won. She created a YouTube video series where she interviewed the other authors, and gave me the chance to interview her (Maybe that’s where I got the interviewer bug?) and she and I were guests on Rob’s podcast, Learning from Smart People. I was immediately intrigued by Rob and knew I wanted to connect with him further. And here we are.

Cindy met Rob several years ago through Mj when she attended an NSA Pittsburgh (National Speakers Association) meeting. No surprise that the four of us are all connected, because here in Pittsburgh, everyone is one or two (in rare instances three) degrees of separation from each other!

Rob has such a sound, sensible approach to podcasting… but admittedly that wasn’t always the case. You’ll hear about the COLLOSAL mistake he made when first starting out and how it made him pivot and create a second podcast, that fits better with his brand and speaking career – Perspectives on Healthcare – where members of the healthcare community give insight into how they see things. 

He also gave us some really “ah-ha moment” advice as new podcasters. Cindy and I always planned to provide value to our listeners – but now we have an even better idea of what our mission is. Rob makes a few things clear:

  1. A podcast must provide a service and value to its listeners.
  2. The show is about the guest and the audience.
  3. Podcast hosts need to listen to their audience and provide content accordingly.
  4. There are “riches in niches”.
  5. Proper Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance

Rob also shared some pointers on landing speaking gigs and his secrets for success.

THE BITES: Always on the lookout for good food, Cindy and I enjoyed a variety of cookies created by one of Rob’s triplets – Chloe.

The cheese-loving carnivore, Mr. Oliver, also turned our clever little wrap-up on its head. BUT, in all fairness, I did sorta-kinda get the idea from his Learning from Smart People podcast. So, we’ll let this one slide.

Kelli & Cindy

Connect with Rob Oliver

Podcast: Perspectives on Healthcare

Podcast: Learning from Smart People

– by Kelli Komondor

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