The Value of Podcasting with Jeremy Shere

Spend the #HappiestHour With Jeremy of Tribal Knowledge Podcasting

Jeremy Shere is the founder and CEO of Tribal Knowledge Podcasting, a podcast production agency that helps businesses start podcasts to grow revenue by connecting decision makers, establishing thought leadership, and taking content marketing to the next level. Jeremy helps clients launch, produce, and edit their podcasts – and has a true understanding of what it takes to have a successful podcast.

What started as Jeremy’s in-home studio to record music has evolved into a podcasting studio. Jeremy explained, “So, I was inspired to start looking into this (podcasting) and on the side, little by little, I started getting some gigs here, gigs there until I had enough. I said, ‘You know what? I’m going to do this full time and start a company.’ And that’s Tribal Knowledge Podcasting.” Jeremy’s podcast, Engage Your Tribe, is the main channel that drives all of Tribal Knowledge Podcasting’s marketing. He explores the art and science of audience engagement with a wide range of experts in content marketing, internal communications, corporate communications, customer experience, and more. He spends a lot of time researching the guests to determine if they are a prospect for Tribal Knowledge and has ended the vicious cycle of endless cold email campaigns. He uses a guided, not scripted, approach to talking with guests and feels that the more natural the conversation, the better.

“We don’t talk about podcasting. For the most part, we talk about audience engagement, their business, their strategies – and with this I gain a lot of knowledge and I get to know these folks,” Jeremy told us.

He shared some of the time saver tools he uses like He also explained his thoughts behind why podcasting is a more easily consumable vehicle of reaching prospects than, say, a webinar.

We uncovered the one food Jeremy has NEVER had (wait until you hear this one) and we started the pre-planning for him to come to Pittsburgh for a future Steelers vs. Lions game. Originally from Detroit, Jeremy hosts a “just for fun” podcast with his brother Dan, and friend Todd called “Roar-Aholics Anonymous” – which shares the heartbreak of three die-hard Lions fans.

We learned so much from Jeremy and he had so much to share, that we broke the show into two episodes, 005 and 006.
We hope you enjoy both – and if you have more questions, ask them in the comments and we will connect you with Jeremy.

Connect with Jeremy Shere

Website: Tribal Knowledge Podcasting

Podcast: Engage Your Tribe 


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