‘Upping’ Your Profile with a Podcast – Ingrid Thompson

We had the absolute pleasure of sitting down “under” with Ingrid Thompson – all the way from Sydney Australia!

Kelli met Ingrid when she applied to be on her podcast, So You Want to Start a Business – and they’ve kept in touch ever since.

Ingrid’s goals are to make sure her audience understands how money works in their business and that they are financially savvy in all aspects of life, especially in their business!

Ingrid told us, “So much of business is trial and error. And I think one of the really powerful messages that comes from people’s stories is that what worked five years ago might not have worked last week. It could all be different today. So we do have to keep evolving and changing and making those adjustments for what’s going on. Some of the fundamentals are the same.”

She fills us in on the first podcast she ever recorded, the HUGE mistake she made, and how her guest saved her! She also talks about repurposing her interviews into “snipped episodes” to stretch the marketing and rebrand the information she gathers from her guests. She also tells us her one favorite question to ask her guests.

We got so many great tips and came to a lot of realizations when we talked to Ingrid.

“I just think podcasting is a really delightful way of communicating with people. And there’s something magic about having the sound of somebody’s voice inside your ears. So whether you’re listening to it in the car as you’re driving or it’s on in the kitchen as you cook. The sound of someone’s voice is very evocative in terms of creating relationships. So I think it’s a very safe medium if you don’t want to have to do your hair and makeup and get your glam on.” 

We agree Ingrid!

Enjoy episode 007 with the fantastic Ingrid Thompson!

Connect with Ingrid

Website: Healthy Numbers 

Podcast: So You Want to Start a Business

by: Kelli Komondor

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