Shooting the Sh*t with Jess Branas

In hindsight, we should have recorded ALL of our conversation with Jess. It was like a little reunion – Cindy has known Jess for years and has had the pleasure of hanging out with her – in person (remember that?), and I was recently introduced to her through my writing coach and book editor, Cori.

We truly shot the sh*t for a good while before hitting record and from the start, we just knew this was going to be a fun Happiest Hour!

Jess’s energy is contagious. She swears she was the “shy kid” who never wanted to talk – yet she once danced in front of 50,000 people at Three Rivers Stadium! Fast forward and now she’s heard by millions of listeners weekly as a radio personality and podcast host.

“So many people have gone through years where they’re afraid to voice themselves. And so, for me, there’s a community that you can build with your voice that reaches out to everybody who is a likeminded individual. So that’s what we focus on (with the Drinks with Jess podcast). The stronger the allies, the better we grow,” Jess said.

What will you get out of this Happiest Hour?

Well, in a nutshell – we will hear what Jess wore for her kindergarten photo, how her first book was created, all about her beloved dog Nacho, the “stupid” question she recently had to ask her mom, her very cool friendship with Nathan James – Contributing Writer/Columnist at NBC News, her crazy sleep schedule, chocolate martinis, and our BIG PLANS for an on-the-road BBQ Podcast show where Jess and Cindy could possibly have a drink making contest.

WHEW! This was one conversation we never wanted to end. Thank you for the education, entertainment, and encouragement you provided for two brand new podcast hosts! We can only hope to keep this thing going for eight years!

We love you, girl!

Contact Jess Branas:

Website: Branas Enterprises

Podcasts: Be the Voice Podcast Network

By: Kelli Komondor

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