Finding Your Capital S Story – with Paul Furiga

We had the honor and pleasure of sitting down with Paul Furiga, and as expected, he did not disappoint and gave us a true glimpse into his company and his thought process when working with clients.

Paul’s book, Finding Your Capital S Story, Why your Story Drives your Brand digs into how YOU can uncover, develop, and share your Capital S Story to create remarkable results.

He believes Capital S Stories must have three things:

  • One, they must be authentic.
  • Two, you’ve got to have a fluent storyteller.
  • Third, (and this is critically important) – you’ve got to continually read the audience to make sure that they’re engaged.
Kelli attended Paul's Book Launch Celebration - and the authors exchanged books.

We talked about the “WHO” within the organization that should be telling the story. Paul said, “And just because the guy or gal at the top of the organizational chart has a certain title doesn’t necessarily mean that’s going to be the best storyteller. So, from industry to industry in the tech industry, a crazy inventor might be the right person to talk about why the product is great, but you don’t want them running the company.”

Any time someone you look up to agrees to sit down and chat, it’s an honor. Paul has “been around the block” a few times when it come to journalism, public relations, and marketing and there’s no better person to learn from. We hope you get as much out of this conversation as we did!

Connect with Paul:

Web: WordWrite

Book: Finding Your Capital S Story


By: Kelli Komondor


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