The Entrepreneur of Bevs – Deb Mortillaro

For this podcast episode, we had the pleasure of spending the “Happiest Hour” appropriately with the Entrepreneur of Bevs and the Queen of Quaffing, Deb Mortillaro. And we’re a little envious she literally eats and drinks for a living!  

Deb told us about the 3-ring circus (her term not ours) that she runs which is Dreadnought Wines, Palate Partners and Soiree Partners. Dreadnought Wines came first. She shared the backstory about how and why Palate Partners and Soiree Partners were created.

As an entrepreneur with three businesses, Deb knows all about pivoting in business and she shared several stories about pivoting over the years.

We kinda already knew this…selling wine and spirits in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is not an easy task…#understatement. What we didn’t know is over the years, Deb learned how to navigate the circuitous Pennsylvania liquor laws – and stay out of jail!

The next time you use your credit card to buy wine or liquor in Pennsylvania, you truly have Deb to thank for being able to use your credit card because there was a point in time when you couldn’t use a credit card. That’s all we’re saying here in the blog – you need to listen to this episode to find out about the lawsuit and court ruling.  

For those who are interested in wine and broadening your wine knowledge, becoming WSET certified, shopping for corporate gifts or looking for some guidance for what type of wine to purchase, you can do that all with Deb and her team at Palate Partners.

Call or visit the store in Lawrenceville to purchase wine, take a class, attend a wine tasting event, shop for corporate gifts and glassware.

Have a question about a wine? Deb and the team will take the time answer your questions and give you guidance on what type of wine to purchase whether it’s for your own consumption or for a gift.

When you call or visit Deb and her team, be sure to tell them Cindy and Kelli with Biz Bevs & Bites referred you.

Reach out to Deb through any of these websites:

Dreadnought Wines – Buy wine

Palate Partners – Learn about wine

Soiree Partners – Move wine


By: Cindy Ellek

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