Bouncing Up, Flipping the Script, and Dating Her Future Self – with Mj Callaway

Mj has been a mentor and business partner to both Kelli and Cindy and collectively they have known each other for decades. It was no surprise how open Mj was during this episode about her health and journey as a two-time breast cancer survivor. How fitting to have both her and Cindy discussing breast cancer, during awareness month… Cindy is also a survivor!

If anyone knows sales, it’s Mj and her tips and tricks for building relationships BEFORE you land a sale are priceless.

Mj’s sales experience includes selling three times her annual quota as the only female sales executive in the Top Five for a national builder. She’s a certified sales professional, certified virtual presenter, past president of the NSA Pittsburgh and her current book, Bounce-Up: Outpower Adversity, Boost Resilience, Rebound Higher, has been endorsed by the Healthy Workforce Institute’s CEO.


We discuss sales closing rates, that an astonishing 55% of sales people lack actual sales skills, and a time where a national sales trainer tried to rip her and others apart – only to make her a stronger salesperson!

You can connect with Mj and learn all about her customized workshops and keynotes, coaching, and courses by visiting

By Kelli Komondor

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