Biz Bevs & Bites Episode 011 – Finding Your Capital S Story with Paul Furiga

Paul Furiga is the President and Chief Storyteller of WordWrite, a Pittsburgh-area firm offering brand strategy (storytelling), public relations, crisis communications, and digital & inbound marketing services to organizations that are looking to better tell their stories.

Paul learned storytelling by writing and editing more than 20,000 stories during two decades as a journalist before going into public relations. He’s quite literally written the book storytelling, Finding Your Capital S Story, Why Your Story Drives Your Brand. The career path that Paul traveled to PR is a story in itself.

He’s been a racetrack photographer, theater usher, investigative journalist, wannabe musician, classical radio host, broadcast journalist, White House correspondent and editor.

At WordWrite, Paul ponders the question: “Why should someone consider hiring us, working with us, or partnering with us?” The answers to those questions help him chart the next chapter in WordWrite’s evolving Capital S Story. Before you had a brand, you had a story – the reason why people want to buy from you, work for you, partner with you, or invest in you. That’s why we take a distinctive approach to marketing communications: StoryCrafting®. In this process, we uncover your Capital S Story, the authentic, engaging, and persuasive story that is uniquely yours.

Hosted by: Kelli Komondor and Cindy Ellek
Produced by: Rob Oliver, Your Motivational Speaker
Supported by: K2 Creative & PR and the Cindy Ellek Marketing Group

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