Episode 013 – Bouncing Up, Flipping the Script, and Dating Her Future Self – with Mj Callaway

Corporate trainer and motivational speaker Mj Callaway is an award-winning author of 11 books. Her sweet spots include increasing team resilience, crushing change, and boosting sales quotas. As a two-time cancer warrior and domestic violence survivor, she’s known for shifting attitudes and producing results.

The time spent with Mj Callaway is never without both laughs and tears – and most importantly, lessons learned. So, grab a notebook and a pen and learn from the Bounce Up Queen herself, Mj Callaway.

Hosted by: Kelli Komondor and Cindy Ellek
Produced by: Rob Oliver, Your Motivational Speaker
Supported by: K2 Creative & PR and the Cindy Ellek Marketing Group

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